A slim, fast & easy to learn 2D game engine.

Xentu is completely free, open-source (under the zlib license), uses other open-source libraries, written in C/C++, scripted in Lua, and super cross-platform.

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  • Works on OpenGL 3.3+ (and ES 3.0+) with shader support.

  • Game code is written in Lua, no need to recompile every time.

  • Has a high performance event/subscriber system.

  • Organise with a scenes (switch instantly between game parts).

  • Load in textures, sprites, custom shaders, fonts, data etc…

  • Renderers smartly with pre-organised drawing batches.

  • Move, rotate or scale graphics using simple transforms.

  • Includes tools for creating, packaging and sharing your games.

Work In Progress

See the roadmap to keep upto date on the project progress.


Create A New Game

To get started with Xentu, you will need to download the SDK onto your computer. Then load up your favourite terminal, and run the following:

# Create and navigate to a new folder.
cd my-game-folder

# Create a new xentu project.
xentusdk new --name "Test Game" --author "Kodaloid"

# Run the game!
xentusdk play

Once you have tried one of the above, head over to the getting started page to begin learning how to use the engine.

Also checkout the extensions for VS Code and Atom too if you have either installed.

Use A Template

There are many examples bundled with the SDK that demonstrate how the engine works. To use one as a template, use the following:

# Create and navigate to a new folder.
cd my-game-folder

# Create a new xentu project.
xentusdk clone pong

# Run the game!
xentusdk play

The current template list includes pong, platformer and visual-novel.

Platform Compatibility

One of the main goals of the Xentu project is to support as many platforms as possible. Xentu currently runs great on PC (only Windows currently has an installer), however other platforms need a lot of work. Here is wishlist of platforms we wish to eventually support:

  • Windows (7+)
  • Linux (Debian variants)
  • Mac OS (10.9 and up)
  • Haiku OS (with Mesa 21.0)
  • Android
  • Chrome OS
  • OpenBSD, FreeBSD etc...
  • Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS
  • Sony PS4, PS5, Vita
  • Xbox360 / XboxOne / Series S|X

Note: Linux and MacOS work, but currently require building from source via the GitHub Repo.

Help Support The Project

The Xentu game engine is entirely open-source and volunteer based. If you would like to help the project by keeping us topped up with coffee, then please consider making a donation:

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Every cup counts, so thanks for your support!