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Create native 2D games in JavaScript, Lua or Python.

A slim, fast and easy to learn framework for creating 2D computer games scripted in a variety of scripting languages, including JavaScript, Lua and more. It's completely free to use & publish with. Open-source (under the zlib license), written in C/C++, and super cross-platform friendly.

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Fully Featured IDE

Build games using the bundled IDE Xentu Creator. Featuring a code editor with syntax highlighting & code completion, debugging, a sprite sheet editor, and game publishing out of the box!
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Reliable Back end

Xentu uses an SDL/OpenGL back end, which is highly dependable, and makes it easy to run on other types devices and OS's. Out of the box we support Windows, MacOS (intel & apple silicon) & Linux.
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Asset Management

Xentu features a virtual file system, that gives you full control over how assets like textures and audio files are bundled with your games. With one of the features allowing you to bundle assets in zip archives.
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Sprites & Tilemaps

The engine supports the use of sprite sheets and tilemaps (in tmx format) to aid in making game worlds easier to build. You also get fine control on how these are rendered to the screen.
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Sound & Music

Play sound effects, and audio tracks in a variety of audio formats such as WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP3 (requires license), MIDI and MOD using the built-in 8-channel audio mixer system.
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Native JavaScript

Xentu is one of the first game engines that enable you to take your JavaScript skills from the browser, and transfer them to a native environment. No need for a nodejs, or a browser, just build and play.
Xentu Creator

Xentu Creator is a free, open-source, all-in one IDE for creating games with the Xentu game engine. It's built with Electron, which means it's cross-platform, and works on Windows, MacOS and Linux (debian).

The IDE uses the same code editor from VSCode, plus some enhancements, such as code-hints and documentation for the Xentu API. Xentu Creator is a fully integrated experience, providing things like game configuration, debugging via the built-in terminal, sprite sheet editing, a conversation designer for game narrative, game publishing, 2D layout designer, and much more!

Xentu Creator